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    West Java Health Agencies Synergies With Other Fields


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Health Agencies will be in synergy with other fields in the program in 2016.

    According to the Head of West Java Provincial Health Agencies Alma Lucyati West Java, its synergy with other fields to pursue target on Sustainable Development Goals or SDG's.

    “Healthiness are intimately associated with food intake, so that we conducted synergy with West Java food security division,” said Alma.

    Some programs will be continued in the Health agencies program in 2016 is related to environmental health issues.

    "Environmental health also will be our focus in 2016, in which the environmental health program in collaboration with the Department of Kimrum and also other relevant agencies, such as Bina Marga. Environmental health is in focus as well as related to the health,” she said.

    All programs of West Java  provincial Health Agencies should be sustainable in accordance with the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals which outlined by UN.

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