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    West Java Bank Indonesia Helps Cattle Breeders in Purabaya Sukabumi


    BANDUNG-On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 Head of West Java BI Wiwiek Sisto Widayat inaugurated the aid of communal cow cage for breeders in Purabaya sub district, Sukabumi Regency. After the speech, the signing ceremony was given to the group leader Dedi Sopandi and signer of the inscription.

    This communal enclosure is an aid in the framework of the Bank Indonesia Social Program (PSBI) and 72th Indonesia Anniversary with the theme 'Karya Nyata Bank Indonesia di setiap makna Indonesia' given to livestock groups built by At-Tawakal. This PSBI assistance is a commitment of Bank Indonesia in supporting the work program of inflation control through coaching and assistance to the built cluster.

    From the release of West Java BI described, the purpose of giving the PSBI Communal cage system to farmers is to enable the breeders mutually motivate, exchange information, while increasing efficiency in pest and disease control.

    Previously, West Java BI has facilitated the group of Livestock At-Tawakal to undergo a cow management apprenticeship program with PT. Karya Anugerah Rumpin (PT KAR) which is a national private company engaged in breeding and feedlot located in Rumpin, Bogor.

    Providing opportunities for apprenticeship program is intended to enable farmers to see first hand the process of good cow and cage management.

    Provision of communal cage aid is expected to be useful for farmers and certainly will increasingly increase the productivity of cattle ranchers, which in the end can improve the welfare of breeders, produce and produce good beef cattle management, so that ultimately can also maximize the inflation control especially the needs of The community to beef. (Even)

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