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    West Java PLN Intensify PDKB


    BANDUNG-PT PLN West Java Distribution (Jabar) managed to save 92,986,508 kWh or equivalent to Rp. 93 billion by 2016. The value is a rescue of lost potential due to electrical repairs.

    General Manager of PT PLN West Java, Iwan Purwana said current maintenance of electricity network, especially medium voltage or 20,000 VA can be done without turning off electricity. The activity was carried out by the Working Team in Stakeholder (PDKB) where each unit has one team.

    "Without turning off electricity then the electricity consumption is not stopped, this is beneficial to PLN and also customers," he said Tuesday (15/8).

    Meanwhile, during January to July 2017, PLN West Java Distribution has saved 26,441,753 kWh or equivalent to Rp 27.260.731.037, - from the maintenance activities of 20,000 Volt electricity network without having to do the blackout with a total of 3731 points of location.

    Meanwhile, the activity of "Bakti PDKB Untuk Negeri" held on August 15, 2017 today could potentially save 19,579 kWh or equivalent to Rp. 200.160.338, -.

    Iwan Purwana said with the maintenance of SUTM 20,000 Volts without blackouts, then the supply of electricity in the network is maintained and PLN customers can still utilize electric power.

    "The point of this PDKB activity provides many advantages, both for PLN and customers. Therefore, we always strive to improve the quality of service PDKB one of them with the launch of SIMPDKB application on August 14, 2017, "he said. Jo

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