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    PLN Gives Discount for Electricity Installment


    BANDUNG - Commemorating the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day, PT PLN provides electricity installation discount through Promo Gebyar Kemerdekaan 2017 program.

    "Gebyar Kemerdekaan 2017 will be valid from 8 August to 21 September 2017," said General Manager of PLN, Iwan Purwana, Tuesday (15/8).

    During the 45 days of this promotional period, PLN deducts 17% of the application fee and a new installment fee (BP) install charge from 8 August to 21 September 2017, with starting power of 450 Volt Ampere (VA) to 197 kilo Volt Ampere (kVA ).

    Especially for prospective customers who apply and pay on August 8 until August 31, 2017, PLN provides additional 8% discount of 17% discounted connection fee.

    Not only does it give a discount on new connection fees, PLN also provides special rates for customers who want to get a temporary connection service from 8 August to 21 September 2017, which can be used for a series of Independence Day celebrations of the Republic of Indonesia.

    Customers only pay Rp 170,845 only to get a temporary power connection during the promotion period. With that price, customers are getting power more than 80 kilo Watt hour (kWh) and the rest can be refilled. This temporary power supply request is limited to a maximum power of 5,500 VA.

    In West Java, the target of prospective customers following the new installment discount promo is 89,264 subscribers and for temporary connection service is 1,000 subscribers. Until August 14, 2017, prospective customers who have registered for installment promo only reach 23,268 customers with most registrants from Bekasi Area (3,955 applicants), Bogor Area (1,821 registries), and Cirebon Area (1,771 applicants).

    "We are optimistic the target is exceeded because the area in West Java continues to grow so that its potential is high. In addition, PLN West Java Distribution is also supported by the condition of human resources and power supplies are very reliable, "said Iwan. Jo

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