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    Aher: We Make Indonesia World Food Super Power


    BOGOR REGENCY-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attended the Introduction of New Student Campus (MPKMB) 54 Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in 2017 at Graha Widya Building Graduation Campus IPB Dramaga, Dramaga Highway, Bogor Regency, Sunday (13 / 8/17).

    In front of 3,975 new students IPB Academic Year 2017-2018, Aher provide encouragement and motivation for IPB students to become the driving force and determinant of Indonesian food policy. Food is super essential in the world. Without food there would be no life on this earth.

    "The food is super-existent: People will never live without food There are three world-feared crises - water, food and energy crises - the energy crisis is not directly related to human life, but the water crisis and the food crisis are directly related to human life , "Aher said in his presentation entitled Life Dynamics in West Java.

    For that, in front of IPB Rector Herry Suhardiyanto and all IPB Academic community, Aher invites to keep food by preserving the natural environment. Because the entire supply of life on earth comes from nature.

    Aher encourages IPB to have a role and responsibility in determining the availability of food.

    "Bung Karno once said that during the inauguration of IPB in 1963, that the question of food and agriculture is a matter of life and death of the Indonesian nation, so IPB means being responsible for the life affairs of the Indonesian nation," Aher said.

    Aher also hopes that IPB graduates become great people in food affairs. "If the United States declares itself a superpower in armed power, let us present our nation peace-loving nation, a nation that loves to live in harmony and side by side.Let us present Indonesia forward with the power of IPB and the power of other nation of Indonesia become Food super power, "says Aher.

    On this occasion, Aher also briefly mentioned the import policy on some food commodities made by Indonesia. According to Aher, this happens because of lack of alignment and focus on farmers and food products in the country. Therefore, Aher wants IPB to have a clear role in determining national food policy.

    "Our food is still lacking, rice is hopefully not imported, but other foods are still imported, it's a matter of alignment, the affairs of the focus business.Therefore, besides IPB must prepare human resources for food security, at the time Which at the same time IPB must present state concepts that influence the state's policy on food, its influence comes from the Bogor Agricultural University, "said Aher.

    "So, 80 percent of the food decision is the concept of IPB because this is the agriculture campus and all the fields that follow it which is the greatest in our country. Let us bring goodness in the food sector, agriculture, so that Indonesia is safe in the future, because the safe country is a country that has food security, "he concluded

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