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    Orari Do Not Miss Technology


    BANDUNG-Indonesian Amateur Radio Organization (Orari) is expected to not miss the technology, especially in the digital era today. This was conveyed by Head of Communications and Informatics Office of West Java Province Hening Widiatmoko in the opening of Local Deliberation of Orari Bandung in Marbela Dago Hotel, Sunday (13/8).

    "The analog technology is still used by Orari today in communicating, but if possible, Orari must also follow the development of the digital era or combined with analog technology" said Hening.

    By following the digital technology, Orari is expected to increase the capacity and ability to communicate quickly without limits according to the demands of the times.

    "It should only be done for the demands of the needs of the era that would not want to require speed, accuracy and ease of access" he explained.

    Hening Widyatmoko also hopes in organizational or institutional, Orari can be more solid and become partner of Government in disseminating information to public.

    Local Deliberation of Orari Bandung held one day August 13, 2017, with a new board election agenda and merger of 6 local Orari previously in the city of Bandung into one local Orari Region Bandung. (Even)

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