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    Preparedness, Forms of Community Resilience to Disaster


    BOGOR-Based on West Java Provincial Social Services data, from January to April 2017 it was recorded that West Java has 333 times of disaster, ie landslide disaster 136 times, flood 67 times, whirlwind 58 times, fire 68 times , Earthquake 3 times, and tidal wave 1 times.

    The disaster has claimed 11 lives, 4 missing, 38,820 wounded, and displaced 1,268 people. While physical damage in the form of homes, ranging from minor damage to severe amounts of 7,995 homes, with losses estimated at 18 billion rupiah.

    Departing from these matters, the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar invites the community to always increase the awareness and preparedness for any possible disaster that can happen.

    "Considering the occurrence of natural or non-natural disaster is an event that is difficult to estimate accurately and precisely, then we must improve the preparedness, especially for those living in disaster prone areas," said Deddy Mizwar at Halal Bihalal SAR Potential Across Community, at Command Base of Brimob Second Regiment Pioneer Kedung Halang Bogor, Sunday (13/08/2017).

    Preparedness, Deddy said, should be done in a planned, integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive manner, from the pre-disaster stage, during the disaster, to the post-disaster, including by adding and strengthening the Disaster Prepared villages, Minimized.

    "Thus, resource-related preparedness and equipment becomes a necessity, so we can all respond quickly and appropriately," Deddy said.

    In particular, during the emergency response period or the first 72 hours which includes rapid and precise data collection of locations, damage and resources, determination of disaster emergency status, rescue and evacuation of victims, basic needs fulfillment, protection to vulnerable groups, and recovery efforts Vital infrastructure and facilities.

    So in addition to increased preparedness efforts, awareness of the environment also need to continue to be socialized. Moreover, Deddy said, when viewing West Java as a province that has high potential for disaster occurrence.

    "Of the 135 land movements that occurred in Indonesia, 111 of them occurred in West Java," he said.

    Deddy said, considering the increasing number of people, as well as the rapid development, the existing development needs to pay attention to the carrying capacity of the environment.

    Deddy added that the carrying capacity of the environment is determined by the capacity of nature to provide resources, and space for the survival of humans and other creatures, so it takes the sustainability of nature to guard it.

    Therefore Deddy said, with the high potential of natural disasters in West Java, coupled with the rapid growth of population and development, then maintaining nature for the formation of good environmental carrying capacity, should be cultivated by all parties. So the potential for disaster caused by development effects can be minimized at least.

    "It's a high disaster area, we do not ignore the carrying capacity of the environment," said Deddy

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