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    Strategic Programs Plantation Sector in 2016 Is Prepared


    BANDUNG-Strategic programs plantation sector in 2016 is well prepared and facilitated through APBD Province of West Java and also APBN.

    This statement was stated by head of plantation sector of West Java, Arif Santosa to the reporters, on Thursday. He said that the program is directed to improve plantation commodity, both of quality and quantities. The targeted commodities that can increase both the quantity and quality, including coffee, tea, cocoa and coconut.

    Arif added that to support the strengthening of coffee commodity next year would be facilitated by giving 1,5 million of seeds to the farmers.

    To support the strengthening of tea commodity, government would performs intensification and diversification in 2000 hectares area. For coconut commodity, they would rehabilitate for the old trees.

    The support for strengthening coffee commodity would realised in coffee processing through market standardisation in the next coming year. To make this standard, government would involved farmers group (GAPOKTAN).

    In facilitating of seeds supply, technically would given through Koperasi and cooperate with district government. Through this cooperation, government will facilitate the farmer group for having  legal entity.

    District government hopes that they would able to register this farmer group to ministry of law and human right to get legalisation of law entity.

    Related to fund support in 2015 government would allocate from APBD province of West Java amounts Rp 42 billion and from APBN amounts Rp 60 billion next.


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