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    The Parliament Urge The Government To Pay Attention Of PTT Midwives


    BANDUNG - Member of Commission IX of the House of Representatives, Ansory Siregar in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (1/10) said that the government is asked to pay attention to the 42.000 non-permanent employees Midwives (PTT) scattered throughout the country. 

    "The Midwife is one of the spearheads of health personnel in the country. Their existence are needed in villages. They have worked with a vengeance, of which much has been serving the country for decades. Unfortunately, to this day their fate is not yet clear,” he added. 

    The Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (Menpan-RB), Yuddy Chrisnandi rumoured to be considering immediately raised 16 thousand midwives (PTT) became candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS). Related to this, Ansory ask the Minister Yuddy not hesitate about it. "It should not take into consideration, but immediately raised the PTT midwives become civil servants," he said.

    By letter of the Minister of Health to the Ministry of PAN-RB January 5, 2015 with regard to doctors, dentists, and midwives PTT become a civil servant in Local Government, which refers to Law No. 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government, which is in clause 12, paragraph 1 related to basic health service shall fully become Regional Government obligations. Therefore, it is becoming the basis that the Ministry of PAN-RB immediately make a regulation to be circulated throughout the region, related to the appointment Midwives PTT became a permanent employee in their respective regions. 

    PAN-RB Ministry was asked to issue a regulation on direct appointment of a civil servant PTT midwives unconditional assurance that they will soon get a job as a permanent employee countries. 

    By 2016, there will be 7.007 health workers will end the contract. And 3.410 health workers include the following PTT midwife. This causes then the House of Representatives urged the Government to execute the policy.

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