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    Government Appreciates West Java Provincial Government In Ease Of Licensing


    JAKARTA-West Java Provincial Government gets the Award from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) as an appreciation in providing easy service of housing permits, especially for low-income people.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received a direct award by the Minister of Public Works and People's Housing Basuki Hadimuljono at the Indonesia Property Expo (IPEX) 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Jakarta, Friday (11/7/17) With the National Housing Day of 2017.

    Encountered after the event, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said he was happy about this achievement, according to him that the stage was a proof of the performance of West Java Provincial Government civil apparatus in providing easy licensing services for its citizens, especially the small community. "This moment should come personally, so that provincial civil apparatus adds spirit in serving the community, also hopefully be a sign we are serious in giving permit ease, there should be no misappropriation in the field", said Aher.

    At the opening ceremony of the expo, before the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo said that the government paid great attention to the subsidized housing program. The allocation of subsidies and housing spending from 2015-2019 in the PUPR Ministry reached Rp 74 trillion.

    "It should be with such a small figure that the movement of property could go faster There is a subsidized FLPP Housing Facility (FLPP) .People should know this is a Government subsidy to people who want to be able to buy a house for a good price and not burdened by interest. The subsidy (FLPP) is about 7%, there is also a 7% interest, interest subsidy (SSB) so people pay only 4-5% interest, I see it is very helpful, "he said.

    The President mentioned that the difficulties of property business actors in housing licensing in some areas are often the classic problem that is still prominent, for that according to him need concrete action from the head of region in handling the problem. "I am delighted and very appreciative of some of the heads of the region who took the stage earlier, have proven their commitment in providing convenience, speed in housing permits, especially for low-income people," said President

    The housing award was submitted by the Minister of PUPR, Basuki Hadimuliono to three Provincial Governments, three District Governments and three Municipalities. The Heads of Regions who attended the occasion were judged to have succeeded in simplifying the housing licensing procedure, permits that were originally completed within 14 working days can now be shortened to 1-3 working days only.

    The award for the province category was handed over to the Provincial Government of West Java, South Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. For the category of districts submitted to Maros, Bandung and Malang. While for the category of city government submitted to the City Government of Jambi, Pontianak and Manado.

    To reduce the housing backlog, the Government launched the One Million Home Program on April 29, 2015. This program is a joint movement between the Central Government, Local Government, Business World (developers), and communities to provide decent housing, especially for Low Income Communities (MBR) .

    In terms of performance, cumulatively, from 2015 to August 2017, 2 million houses have been built in the country, with State Budget and subsidy allocations of Rp. 37.5 Trillion.
    After the opening ceremony, President Joko Widodo and Minister Basuki witnessed the loan agreement of 1,393 BTN debtors worth Rp 167.6 billion with details of 363 debtors with a value of Rp 44 billion on credit agreement in JCC Jakarta, while another 1,030 debtors worth Rp 123 billion conducted in other cities .

    The exhibition was held in the framework of National Housing Day (Hapernas) 2017 which is commemorated every 25 August with the theme of House Eligible Towards Prosperous People. "The exhibition was followed by 201 booths with 117 non-MBR and 84 MBR details including the booth of the PUPR Ministry participating in the cast, the amount of transactions expected in this exhibition amounted to Rp 5 trillion or an increase compared to 2016 of Rp 4.5 trillion, "Explained Minister Basuki

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