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    623 Scout Members from West Java Follow Raimuna Nasional XI


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, released participants Raimuna National XI Year 2017 from West Java in West Hall Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, Friday morning (11/8/17). Raimuna Nasional is a large gathering activity for members of the Entrepreneurs who are between 16-20 years old and Pandega members aged 21-25 years.

    West Java Province sent 623 participants and 55 contingent leaders. Participants are members of Enforcement and Pandega from 27 kwartir of regency / city branch in West Java. Raimuna Nasional was held on 13-21 August 2017 at the Camp Ground and Graha Wisata (Buperta) Cibubur, East Jakarta with more than 11,000 participants from 34 provinces.

    At this release event, Vice Governor releases Raimuna participants from West Java from five districts / cities in Bandung Raya, namely from Bandung regency, Bandung city, Cimahi city, West Bandung regency, and Sumedang regency. While other participants go directly to Buperta Cibubur from their respective districts / cities.

    The Scout members who will follow the National Raimuna are young Entrepreneurs and Pandega members. For that, in his speech at the release of Vice Governor of Demiz told them to be more able to contribute to the change and development of the nation. Especially now there are two big challenges facing this nation that is the problem of nationality and social problems.

    Problems of nationality such as the lunturnya love of the country, the spirit of state defenses, and the unity and unity of the nation. While social problems such as drug trafficking and abuse, radicalism, criminalism, corruption, unemployment, poverty, and social inequality.

    Therefore, according to the Vice Governor of Scout Movement must present as a container of character education and nationality among young people, so that this nation does not lose the generation that will lead to the collapse of a nation.

    "And along with the revitalizing spirit of Scout Movement, Kwarda West Java must be more active and be the leader in the national level, by continuously gathering programs that are slang, cool, and up to date, creative and innovative, fun and exciting , And skill-oriented in their respective Work Units, "pleaded Vice Governor.

    "So follow the Scout movement janga feel tortured, forced yes," he added.

    Another contribution that Scout members can do is through the development of the new tagline of the current Scout Movement, "Every Scout is the News Office". It is hoped that this movement can encourage all Scout Members to become media literacy education agents in a healthy and productive way. By actively disseminating useful messages, fighting false news, slander, and hate speech.

    In addition, Vice Governor also hopes that through the National Raimuna event participants can use it to build communication and fraternal networks. "Take advantage of this valuable opportunity (Raimuna Nasinal XI) to gain knowledge and experience, and build a fraternity with fellow Scout Members. Take care of yourself, keep your friends, and show the best potential that the Brothers have to scent the good name of West Java, "said Vice Governor.

    Meanwhile, Wakabina Wasa Kwartir Regional Movement of West Java Scout Engkus Sutisna said that on Raimuna National (Rainas) this time West Java sends a large amount of contents. In addition, 50% of Raimuna National XI committee comes from West Java which is expected to play an active role in the success of Rainas XI.

    The word of West Java contingent motto of National Raimuna this time is "Jabarkeun Raimuna Nasional". "So that we expect the contingent of West Java Regional Kwartir can appear to exist, vibrant, and certainly show the characteristics of West Java itself," said Engkus in his report at the event contagion Raimuna National origin Jabar.

    In addition, West Java contingent will also feature the Festival of Kentongan in the opening of Raimuna Nasional XI on Monday, August 14, 2017, which will be followed by all participants from 34 provinces. President of the Republic of Indonesia as Chairman of National Scout Assembly Scout Movement, Kakak Joko Widodo is scheduled to open directly Raimuna Nasional XI Year 2017.

    On this occasion, other things Vice Governor emphasize related to the implementation of elections Serentak 2018. For members of Scout who have the right to vote, Vice Governor requests that they can exercise their right to vote and be active in overseeing the democracy party.

    "Related to the title of Regional Election of 2018 and the upcoming General Election of 2019, Kakak also hopes that West Java Kwarda can be re-involved in participative supervision, especially for members of Enforcement and Pandega who have been included in the category Pemilih Pemula," said Vice Governor.

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