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    West Java Records Inflation 0.79% in December


    BANDUNG - West Java records inflation 0.79% in December. This inflation is still below the 0.96% on national reaches.

    “The inflation is still on target. In period of January to December 2015 has reached 2.73%," said BPS deputy for distribution and service of West Java Dody Gunawan in the office on Monday.

    Dody said that 7 surveyed cities in West Java entirely had inflation. The highest inflation was in Bekasi, which reached of 0.91% and the lowest inflation is in Cirebon by 0.27%.

    This inflation driven by rising food prices, especially onions and red pepper. These two commodities prices rose up to 50%. In addition this two commodities, there are eggs and chicken meat which was also increase.

    However Dody said the inflation’s estimate of next month will not be so high or even will experience declines. It was caused by declines in prices of some commodities. For example the price of fuel and decided Pertalite which decided declines, then following the electricity and gas prices are estimated decreased as well.

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