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    Khofifah Gives Moril Support To The SR Family


    SUKABUMI-Social Minister, Khofifah Indar Parawansa today, Friday (11/08) visited the residence of SR (8) second grade students of Longkewang Elementary School, Sukabumi District, West Java, who allegedly died of bullying by his friends.

    "I am sorry for the death of SR.For the families left behind may be given the fortitude and sincerity in the face of this ordeal," said Khofifah, through the release received www.jabarprov.go.id.

    To the families of the victims, Khofifah also handed over some gifts and compensation to death and took a pilgrimage to the SR tomb and invited the whole group and media crew to pray for the victims.

    Khofifah said what happened to SR is not something new and has been going on for a long time, only now that the social media effect is so devastating that an event can quickly spread.

    "There is a" virus "where almost everyone likes to spread events into their accounts so that information is quickly disseminated," he said.

    However, according to Khofifah, this case should be a learning material for all parties, especially families and schools because bullying happens not only physically but also psychologically. (Parno)

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