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    Telkom University Graduated 1420 Students


    BANDUNG-For three consecutive days, Telkom University held an open senate session for the acceptance of new mahasisswa, and graduation of Master Expert, Bachelor and Master degree with graduates as many as 1420 students.

    Within the last 4 years, Telkom University continues to drive with academic productivity along with its akdemik infrastructure. In the open senate graduation ceremony, Telkom University Rector Professor Mochamad Ashari conveyed, at least the aspirations of Accredited University of Institution A has been achieved. Nevertheless, it does not make it pause to continue to innovate and foster the spirit to be much more advanced.

    "With hard work, superior integrity, and cross-stakeholder cooperation, the University has succeeded in becoming a pioneer in Indonesia as an international recognition winner through ISO 20000-1: 2011 International Standard certification. Domestically, Telkom University is the sole accreditation for Institution A in the coordination area of ??West Java and Banten private universities, "he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (8/11/2017)

    To note, ISO 20000-1: 2011 has never been achieved by any university in Indonesia, the certification is a form of world recognition related to information systems management services.

    In addition, the last 4 years of this Telkom University present as a college with the best performance, this condition is certainly supported by a progressive international partnership. Latest, University of Arizona, attracted Telkom University as a partner of Global Micro-Campus Network based in Indonesia.

    Ashari continued, Telkom University's efforts as the best university is not instant, there is solid work from all stakeholders involved. The two most crucial things to build a University are strengthening partnerships and the quality of facilities as well as services, both domestic and international partnerships.

    "The condition is necessary for the synergy of education to achieve its goal, namely global civilization (global civilized)," he said.

    Recorded up to 30 countries in the world in synergy with Telkom University, whether for the exchange of students and lecturer (lecturer exchange).

    "We also provide special housing for International students Our facilities are built and will continue to grow, National student housing as many as 18 Tower with a capacity of 7300 students, sports center both indoor and outdoor, open library we assessed some mass media as the coolest library in Indonesia "He conclude. (MAT)

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