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    Aher Focuses on Three Resolutions in 2016


    BANDUNG-Three main resolutions of West Java Provincial Government in 2016 is eroding poverty, reducing unemployment, and preserving the environment. These three are considered basis of the entire well-being, especially for the 46 million people of West Java and Indonesia in general.

    In addition, the National Sports (PON) XIX and Peparnas XV in West Java should also be highlights and a turning point in Indonesia's sports revival.

    Thus stated by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) when asked the Working Programme and Resolution in 2016, on Monday (04/01).

    "Three major agenda in 2016 from our working program is to eliminate poverty, reduce unemployment, and preserve the environment. If these three things are not overcome, the achievement of our existing and future will broken," he said.

    Data of Pusdalisbang West Java province mentioned that unemployment rate reached 8.72% of the total productive age per August 2015 while the poverty rate of 9.53%, or 4.43 million people in March 2015.

    According to Aher, efforts to achieve these three targets is by giving access to a good education. Therefore, starting in 2016 will be conducted assets transfer of SMA/SMK from local government in West Java to West Java province.

    "It will no longer admission fee into high school and vocational school because in 2017 we have taken over as our efforts in improving public service to the community," he explained.

    In the 2016 local budget (APBD) has been approved by Rp 26,7 trillion, it is possible to reach across earlier target, while still pursuing the successful implementation of PON XIX and Peparnas XV.

    “PON’s venue is the most widely pursued by many parties. They want to gain certainty the best sports facilities and infrastructure," he explained.

    Therefore, the provincial government has been implementing a strategy to build a new venue that does not exist yet. And also repair the existing venue or enlarge a small venue.

    West Java provincial government with a budget up to Rp 2 trillion conducted the construction of infrastructure facilities since 2013 to the end of December 2015 that has reached 94%. And the rest will be accelerated which is no later than June 2016.

    "Other routine programs in agricultural economic development programs, and infrastructure such as Kertajati Airport, four toll roads, and mosque at six points will also be accelerate," he said.

    Toll will be completed this year on August 2016 is Pasir Koja and Soreang. Then Ciawi Sukabumi toll which have been proposed since 1997 but stalled while continuing acute traffic congestion in the area.

    On the other hand, the cultural balancing is conducted by the start of development plan of West Java Arts Buildings in area of 100 hectares that allows filming or arts performances freely.

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