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    OJK Investigates Other BPR in Case of Fake Certificate


    BANDUNG–Head of Financial Services Authority (OJK) of West Java, Sarwono said that although the West Java Police reported only one BPR involved in bill breaking billions of dollars through fake teacher certification certificates, there may be other BPRs with the same case.

    "We have called one BPR, tomorrow we will call back four to five existing BPRs that is connected with this case," he said on Thursday (10/8).

    He said the credit application with collateral certification teachers certificate by BPR is considered not risky because it has a definite payment from the government. But it would be a problem if it turns out the certificate is fake or has been used as collateral to borrow at another bank.

    "If so, the payment is guaranteed, because every three months there is a disbursement from the government, that's when the credit is paid. But this is a duplicate loan," he explained.

    OJK believes this error occurs because of the lack of prudence on the side of the BPR or it could be that there are BPR employees who deliberately do the burglary of funds through false certificates.

    "We will continue to investigate and supervise this," he said.

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