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    OJK Calls BPR that Conceded Billions of Rupiah


    BANDUNG–West Java Police announced that they has handled the case of break-ins of billions dollars in a BPR in Bandung regency, with the modus of credit disbursement using fake collateral certification teachers certificate. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) today called the BPR to be investigated.

    Head of OJK Jabar, Sarwono said that the examination was conducted on one BPR to know the flow of credit disbursement process that make the collapse up to Rp 36 billion.

    "We are in the context of watching and checking, why this can happen ?. The legal process has been handled by Regional Police," he said, Thursday (10/8).

    He said the procedure of granting credit in the bank whether it commercial banks, sharia or BPR is the same; through long procedures and through the principle of high prudence. If it turns out there is a collapse, most likely there are unscrupulous people who play.

    "There is a person who makes easy credit disbursement in this BPR, this teacher did not know, because he only receive money," he said.

    According Sarwono, the original certificate is actually already mortgaged in other BPR, but then it was duplicated very similar, so it can be submitted to other banks.

    "We have found something like this and already warned to be repaired. But it still exists. We will give strict sanctions to the perpetrators; currently an examination conducted by OJK," he said.

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