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    99,98% Presence of Civil Servant in West Java Provincial Govt Post-Holidays


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar made an inspection on post-New Year's holiday in 2016 to the office in regional govt organisation (OPD) in West Java province.

    There are three OPD was attended this morning, namely the office of the West Java Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD), Agency for Investment and Integrated Licensing (BPMPT), as well as the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) in Bandung (1/4/2016 ).

    There were 13,695 employees in attendance of 13,728 civil servants in West Java. While the rest of 6 employees didn't work because of a permit, 10 people get sick, 6 people were leave, and 11 employees of official duties.

    “The high rate attendance of 99.98 percent with 0.02 percent more likely to leave. It’s good to have this kind of spirit in 2016 with a very high attendance rate,” said Vice Governor.

    "We hope this spirit was maintained because in 2016 would have been more severe with definitely higher dynamics both regionally and globally, considering the implementation of Asean Economic Community," said Vice Governor.

    To support this performance are needed human resources more qualified and have high competence. So that, the quality of civil servants in West Java should be increased in addition to the quantity.

    This year, the number of civil servants in West Java who will retire over 600 employees, while the number of civil servants will be promoted up to 800 employees and who will be recruited totalled of 110 employees.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor said to enhance the ability of employees need to be carried out education and training as well as scholarships.

    "I think the Regional Personnel Agency will be a strategic board which will give such a training, while the Education Department also can provide scholarships," suggested Vice Governor.

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