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    International Aircraft Component Industry Open Factory in Bandung


    BANDUNG–Jabil, an international aerospace manufacturing company with UTC Aerospace Systems, operates its first factory in Indonesia. Bandung became the choice of this international factory to invest about USD 100 million.

    Vice President of Global Jabil Business Unit Bill Frake said the factory in Indonesia is the 28th among branch factories built across Indonesia.

    Jabil and UTC Aerospace built a factory on 6.3 hectares of land at Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Gedebage Bandung, absorbing more than 100 workers. It is targeted that this factory will begin the production in September.

    "We will produce aircraft components for Airbus and Boeing. For example valve, fittings, plate, small housing, gear shell, and others, "he said in Bandung, Thursday (10/8).

    Bandung was chosen as an investment place because of the availability of adequate human resources. In Bandung there are many technical colleges capable of producing skilled labor.

    "Bandung is a good location and government support to our industry is positive," he said.

    The existence of this company is also expected to collaborate with PT Pindad and PT DI which is a state-owned airline and weapons that are also located in Bandung.

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