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    Digitalization of UMKM into the International World


    BANDUNG-Department of Cooperatives and Small Enterprises (KUK) of West Java Province for the 14th time held "Cooperative Fair 2017" with the theme "Digitalization Towards SMEs to the International World" held from 10-14 August 2017 in Metro Indah Mall (MIM).

    "Cooperative Fair is an exhibition of Cooperatives and UMK product that attended by perpetrator of KUK from 27 regencies / cities in West Java and 33 provinces throughout Indonesia. This year, there are 11 provinces who fix to participated in this exhibition," said Head of West Java Cooperatives and Small Enterprises H. Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim, in Bandung, Wednesday (9/8).

    Cooperative fair is an annual agenda of West Java KUK Office which was held for the first time on 23-28 July 2004 at Gasibu Field Bandung. This activity is an effort to improve competitiveness, creativity, productivity and independence of Cooperatives and SMEs.

    Cooperative fair 2017 presents 300 perpetrator of KUMKM from West Java and KUMKM aprepetrator from 11 provinces including, Bali Province, DKI Jakarta, Banten, NTT, Pare-pare - South Sulawesi, Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta, Lampung, Aceh, Barito Selatan - Central Kalimantan, featuring food and beverage products, handicrafts, fashion and accessories, shoes and bags, as well as various other products.

    The exhibition is also a part of commemoration of 70th Cooperative Day of West Java Province in 2017 and the 72nd Anniversary of West Java Province. The event will be enlivened by music performance, traditional music performance in the form of Indonesian Bamboo Community and launching application for cooperatives and UMKM.

    Dudi asserted, the 14th Cooperative Fair is an exhibition, promotion and marketing of Indonesia's flagship creative products as well as create the widest marketing network. "In 2017, we take the theme of digitalization KUMKM, because the digitalization of cooperatives and SMEs is our mission in the modernizationing and revitalizationing cooperatives and SMEs in West Java. We see the rapid development of information communication technology to encourage KUMKM actors to master ICT," he explained.

    This activity is also in line with the government program which is UMKM go online. KUMKM actors must be literate on ICT and utilize ICT to improve their product marketing. "Everything is fast, (and) easy thanks to ICT. Only with technology from mobile phones, the world in our hand. For that, KUMKM actors must master and utilize ICT maximally," he explained.

    Department of Cooperatives and Small Enterprises of West Java province is currently fully committed to the digitalization of cooperatives and SMEs. On this occasion also Department of Cooperatives and Small Enterprises of West Java launched marketplace beliaja.id for SMEs and managed by cooperatives. In addition, we launch geraiumkm.com as a means of SMEs to display their products through digital media.

    "From the side of the cooperative we also launched the application ratonline.id which is first RAT (Annual Members Meeting) online made by the government. Last is a web-based application for savings and loan cooperatives that will temporarily apply in the Cooperative Employees Office Cooperatives (KPDK) 12 July. Hopefully all facilities that we provide can be used for the advancement of cooperatives and SMEs, especially in West Java, generally in Indonesia, "he explained.

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