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    West Java is still the Top 5 HIV AIDS in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-West Java Province is currently still one of the 5 provinces in Indonesia in the number of cases of HIV / AIDS.

    West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan, acknowledged, there must be more vigorous efforts involving all parties to prevent the spread.

    "If there is no hard effort and mass, then it is feared the spread will be even greater, so now all the KPA in city, Provincial KPA, health staff, Regional Intelligence Community, all gathered to make agreement and commitment HIV-AIDS prevention in West Java" he said after opening the Summit Chairman of the KPA and All Related Parties in HIV Prevention of AIDS in Bandung, Wednesday (9/8).

    According to Ahmad Heryawan, the most priority right now is prevention efforts. Therefore, prevention campaigns are conducted with the main target of the community at risk.

    "As teenagers are vulnerable to free sex and drugs, then pregnant women breastfeeding, social hazard areas and others, because it is in the community groups like that is the highest spread" he said.

    In the event the summit of the KPA chairman meeting was also signed the agreement of prevention of HIV AIDS in West Java between the Mayor and several other parties. (PUN)

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