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    Aher Releases 19 Turtles at Batu Hiu


    PANGANDARAN-As an efforts to conserve turtles, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) released the shell-animals at Batu Hiu, District of Pangandaran, Saturday (01/02/2016).

    There were 19 turtles released, including 3-years-old turtle and 7-month-old turtles.

    "We attach some sort of detector to monitor the turtle’s whereabouts which have been released and are still alive," said Aher after release.

    According to Aher, turtles could be released should ideally have been aged 10 months upwards. However, he still hoped most or half of the number turtles released this afternoon will be able to live and grow larger.

    In addition, as a form of appreciation and gratitude for the turtle’s preservation that have been made, on this occasion, Aher symbolically handed assistance to the community in the form of rice for breeding group of Marine (KPBL) at Batu Hiu, Pangandaran and the fishermen as much as 15 tons of rice.

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