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    West Java Petential to Become Center of Shariah Finance Industry in Indonesia


    BOGOR REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, the number of Muslim population in West Java which now reaches 40.9 million inhabitants have the potential of sharia financial markets which are very open.

    He also welcomed the number of universities in West Java which have syariah-based economic courses that will be able to fill the empty space in the Islamic finance industry. This, according to him, will be able to minimize the limited availability of human resources who have special competence in the field of Islamic economics.

    "West Java should be the leader and become the center of the Islamic finance industry in Indonesia," Deddy said after attending the 25th anniversary of Tasyakur Milad and the inauguration of the head office of PT BPR Syariah Amanah Ummah in Leuwiliang Bogor Regency on Monday (07/08/2017).

    Deddy revealed, based on the results of National Financial Literacy Survey (SNLK) in 2016, the level of financial inclusion of Indonesian society rise to 67.82%. While the percentage of people in the "well literate" group rise to 29.66%.

    "Alhamdulillah the index of financial inclusion in West Java has 68.32% above the national average and our financial literacy index is assumed to be 38.70% the second highest after DKI Jakarta," he said.

    Nevertheless, syariah financial inclusion index in West Java has been better which reach 21.56%.

    Deddy said the important point is it should be the focus of sharia financial service providers to strengthen their role in real sector activities such as sharia financing for tourism industry and other potential syariah business units along with the increasing trend of halal global lifestyle.

    "Therefore I hope sharia financial services can continue to educate and transaparan to the public or prospective customers about the characteristics of products and financial services available," he hoped.

    In addition, sharia financial services are required to be more creative in searching for low-cost funds and creating attractive, accessible and low-cost financial products and services. Especially for students and students, students of boarding schools, housewives, farmers, traders and low income groups.

    Thus sharia financial institutions can be the drivers of the real sector to open more employment opportunities so as to reduce inequality and bring equity of public welfare.

    "May the sharia financial services industry in West Java continue to grow into locomotive inclusive economic growth, attract investment, drive domestic savings and improve competitiveness," said Deddy.

    In general, Indonesia is currently the country with the largest number of sharia financial institutions in the world as much as 5 thousand more. Includes 34 Sharia Banks, 58 Takaful Operators or Takaful Insurance, 7 Sharia Ventura Models, 163 Shariah BPR, 1 Sharia Pawnshop and about 4500 more Sharia Cooperatives or Baitul Maal wat Tamwil. Even Indonesia has also created the first Syariah Online Trading System in the world.

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