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    48 Project for National Strategic Industry Acceleration Program


    BANDUNG-The strategic industry in Indonesia is more developing, through Presidential Regulation No. 58 of 2017 on National Strategic Projects, there are 248 projects that are included in the acceleration program of national strategic projects implementation.

    PT Pindad (Persero) as one of the strategic industries for the second time attend the Habibie exhibition Festival 2017 which was held for 7 days in Jiexpo Jakarta from 7 to 13 August 2017.

    The participation of PT Pindad and other SOEs such as PT Dirgantara Indonesia and PT PAL as a strategic industry in defense and security industry aims to show the technological advances and innovations that have been successfully developed by the nation's best young generation to the public.

    In addition, the presence of Pindad is a form of existence of SOEs as the sole producer of defense and security products, and Industrial which became the pride of Indonesia.

    "Pindad wants to further introduce to the public that Pindad is able to collaborate technology and innovation in strategic industries," said President Director of PT Pindad (Persero) Abraham Mose in his official statement received in Bandung on Monday (7/8/2017).

    According to Abraham, in the festival which held this week, Pindad displaying two Komodo 4x4 combat vehicle, and armored rhino vehicle with 90 mm canon.

    In addition Pindad displays Mockup products combat Anoa 6x6 APC, Komodo 4x4 Police, Tank Boat, Anoa which also operates in international peace mission, and Mock up Excava 200 which is a heavy equipment product, Pindad's first production which has load carrying capacity up to 20 tons

    "Other products on display are SS2 - V5 A1, SS2 - V2 HB, SB1 - V1, G2 Elite, G2 Premium, various caliber ammunition as well as the latest SS2 V7 weapon which is the latest variant of the SS2 Silencer," he explained.

    This year's Habibie Festival brings the theme of Technology and Innovation for People: See, Touch, Feel the Latest Technology and Innovation for a better future is held to explain BJ Habibie's contribution in technology for Indonesia.

    "Pindad's participation in this event is historically inseparable from BJ Habibie, who served as president in 1983 to 1998. The third President of the Republic Indonesia is now a national figure, the State Fathers and mentors for the science and technology community," He concluded.

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