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    Netty: West Java Provincial Government Supports National Space Day


    BANDUNG-Dated August 6, 2017 is commemorated as National Space Day in accordance with the provisions of Law No.21 of 2013 on Space.

    Mother of Literacy West Java, Netty Prasetyani Heryawan, said that the step is very appropriate to be conducted by the government that develops research of space and remote sensing and satellite throwing for the benefit of public knowledge.

    In addition, the public must know the geographical position of Indonesia which becomes the path of constellation compared with other countries.

    "In the future how do we make people aware of the importance of Indonesia's strategic position point from the trajectory of countries in the world," she said.

    Netty said, the momentum of Space Today is also an effort to foster togetherness between parents with their children by instilling religious values to the child so that has a strong character.

    "Our children will always remember that there is sky above the sky," she said.

    West Java Governor's wife Ahmad Heryawan invites the public to minimize light pollution so as not to damage the sky.

    "We urge the people to start siding with energy through minimizing light pollution that can pollute the sky," she said.

    "Hopefully tonight we can see The Milky Way or the Milky Way galaxy. We will see so many constellations including the planets Jupiter and Saturn," she added.

    Netty added, with this space day knowledge about the constellation is not only understood by students who study the science of childhood and small children through a song titled Small Stars only.

    "Hopefully every August 6th which is celebrated as Space Day we are confident and equate us in the world and hereafter become caliph who is able to translate the commands of Allah SWT as He wants to manage this universe so as to provide the greatest benefit for Society, "

    She hopes in West Java will be found again some monitoring point Dark Sky Park so that can be enjoyed by the people of West Java widely.

    "Let's both we tone up Dark Sky this night," she concluded. (MAT)

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