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    Ciletuh Optimistic Becomes an International Geopark


    SUKABUMI-After spending four days' visit, UNESCO team completed assessment and study on Geopark Ciletuh, Palabuhan area on Friday (4/8). While acknowledging the beauty and characteristic of Cikelabuh area, the assessors emphasize a number of improvements to the government, particularly related to infrastructure and accessibility.

    Appraisers from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization were represented by Alexandru Andrasanu from Romania and Soo Jail Lee from South Korea.

    "Ciletuh from all aspects of nature is very good and meet the requirements, especially the people who are actively involved in supporting the realization of Ciletuh become Global Geopark Network," he explained when found in Setda Hall of Sukabumi Regency Government.

    The bald headed man admitted he could not explain the details of the assessment. However, the results of the assessment will be discussed at a meeting of UNESCO Agency in China in September.

    "After from China, in December there will be an announcement whether Ciletuh accepted, postponed or rejected into Global Geopark Network," he said.

    On the other hand, West Java Provincial Government is optimistic that Ciletuh has become a National Geopark in 2015 and could become a UNESCO recognized Global Geopark Network.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar ensures, all infrastructure and accessibility mandated by the assessors team will be completed in this year.

    "The gate for the tourist entrance of the same information center has not been completed yet yesterday it has not yet finished the tender, I have explained to them that this year's facilities have been completed and they (the assessment team) understand" said the man familiarly called Demiz.

    The provincial government also said it had planned to build airports in Warung Kiara airport area to support accessibility.

    "Hopefully the hard work over the last three years to fruition," he said.

    Demiz further revealed, in addition to amazed by the beauty of nature, the assessors were impressed with the enthusiasm of the people who synergize with the government to realize Ciletuh become GGN.

    "If Cikuh is to be the only Geopark who has managed to become Global Geopark Network in the last two years, Rinjani and Toba will fail," he added.

    The reason for getting the government to work to realize Ciletuh becomes GGN, related to the growing potential of tourism that can be a sector to improve the economy of the community. (Pun)

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