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    Sunday Night at Gedung Sate Can Observe Jupiter and Saturn


    BANDUNG-No need to go all the way from the middle of Bandung City to enjoy and observe celestial objects such as constellations, planets and satellites. Sunday (6/8/17) night all can be observed at Gedung Sate's yard, Bandung city.

    In order to welcome the National Space Day, West Java Provincial Government and National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) held Dark Sky Night by inviting the public to enjoy the charm of space in the middle of the city. This event was also supported by Imah Noong.

    Head of Publication Division of West Java Regional Secretary Ade Sukalsah said in addition to observing the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter planets with telescopes, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate will be prepared mini planetarium opened from 17.00. "Evacuation event starts from 20.00 pm, and we ask for support from residents and offices around Gedung Sate to turn off the headlights or outdoors, an hour," he said at Gedung Sate, Saturday (5/8/17).

    According to Ade, in addition to observation, this event will also be used to educate the public about space, and light pollution. "Please citizens flocked Sunday Night in the page Gedung Sate educational tour for free," he said, adding that this title is also the seventh anniversary of West Java Province.

    "One more, for people who are interested to come to this event can first to download the application 'Sky Map' on their respective android-based smart phones. Later we can both reconcile the phone and in the sky by the experts," added Ade.

    Senior Researcher from Pussainsa LAPAN Gunawan Admiranto explains the history of National Space Day on August 6th is the date on which Law No.21 of 2013 on Legalization is ratified.

    Gunawan said the law has urgency for the development of national space. Among its great benefits to the economy, defense and security, leisure activities also carry risks such as the failure of satellite and rocket launches, possible launch collisions, or interstate conflicts in the use of orbital slots and space junk.

    Further Law no. 21 of 2013 on the Implementation which entered into force on 6 August 2013 becomes a form of protection for this country in various activities of space.

    These activities include research and development in the field of space science, remote sensing, mastery of space technology, and the launch of spacecraft such as rockets and satellites.

    The Immigration Act is very important for Indonesia because geographically, this country has a strategic position or ideal for the implementation of activities of space.

    This position has resulted in Indonesia's interest in other countries for cooperation in the field of space. This law will serve as guidelines and rules for the implementation of such cooperation for the protection of the interests of Indonesia.

    "In order for the public to be more aware of the importance of natural balance and the dangers of light pollution, light outage activities an hour and then observed this sky we rolled," he said.

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