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    Need Strong Networking to Develop Ciletuh


    BANDUNG-See the potential of Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu which focuses on three aspects namely geology, biodiversity, and cultural diversity. For that it takes a lot of research and cooperation or net working.

    "Building Global Geopark (key) networking," said Rector Unpad Tri Hanggono Ahmad.

    The Rector said the research should be encouraged transdisciplinary or conducted by many parties.

    Overall, UNESCO appreciated the steps of West Java Provincial Government, Sukabumi Regency, Unpad, and various other stakeholders in encouraging the development of Geopark Ciletuh.

    The visit to Ciletuh and Palabuhanratu is an experience of its own. The variety of geological, natural, and cultural potentials in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu can be a special attraction.

    UNESCO itself claimed to find a region with a diversity of identity uniqueness, only in Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu. Jo

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