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    One Step Again, Ciletuh Becomes Geopark World


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar revealed that UNESCO Assessors visit to the National Geopark of Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu gives added spirit to strengthen the commitment and unite the power of all stakeholders, especially in order to implement the concept of Community Based Tourism based on the aspects of conservation, Education and community empowerment, so that the benefits can be felt on an ongoing basis.

    Assessors from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization include Alexandru Andrasanu from Romania, and Soo Jai Lee from South Korea.

    They are assigned to assess whether Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu entered UNESCO Global Geopark or not. When entered, then Ciletuh will be declared as a world-class geopark.

    The examination by a team of assessors from UNESCO was conducted since Tuesday (1/8/2017) and then until Friday (4/8/2017).

    Furthermore, Deddy Mizwar said that in order to achieve these goals, his side will also continue to improve the management system and increase the promotion effort, such as the Festival of Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu which is held from 2015 until 2017 in order to be maintained.

    "Lastly, let us make National Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu, as the best practice for us to explore various natural potentials in West Java," said Vice Governor of West Java, at the Meeting with UNESCO Assessors, in Setda Hall Sukabumi regency, Friday (04 / 08/2017).

    Vice Governor Deddy is optimistic, with a total area of more than 37 thousand km2, West Java has potential hidden havens to be explored and developed into world-class tourist destinations, thereby providing a broad multiplier effect on regional economic growth and improving people's welfare.

    Furthermore, the recommendation of Ciletuh- Pelabuhan Ratu as UNESCO Global Geopark will be presented at the Asia Pacific Geopark Network forum in China in September of 2017.

    "Our great hopes, National Geopark Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu get recommendation to be UNESCO Global Geopark," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Ida Hernida said Geopark Ciletuh has an area of about 126 thousand hectares that spread from Ujung Genteng to Cisolok and directly bordering with Banten Province.

    She said that for about a month, her side has reformed several aspects of the structure, and supporting infrastructure such as lighting panels, fences, and guidance installations.

    After that naturally, Geopark Ciletuh-Pelabuhan Ratu has a characteristic rocks formed from two fragments of the earth's crust, namely oceanic plates and continental forts.

    Geopark Ciletuh - The queen's adventure also has beautiful scenery, which consists of waterfalls, hills, and woods.

    "To support Geopark Ciletuh as UNESCO Geopark, a geopark must also fulfill some elements of geo-diversity, bio-diversity, and culture diversity," Ida said.

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