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    Festival Indonesia 2, West Java Provincial Government Brought 29 Business Executors to Moscow


    MOSKOW-West Java Provincial Government involve 29 business actors at the exhibition Festival Indonesia in Moscow Russia along with the goal to make West Java as the center of Fashion world.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the Embassy of Indonesia and Russia held the 2nd Indonesia Festival (FI) on 4-6 August 2017 in Moscow, Russia which was attended by 13 provinces in Indonesia. However, in that case, there are 29 business actors from West Java are included in the event.

    "We involve West Java entrepreneurs so they can read business opportunities in other countries as well as one of the efforts of the West Java provincial government in encouraging the development of business actors and creating new entrepreneurs," said Aher at a meeting with business actors from West Java at Intercontinental Moscow Tverskaya, Thursday (3/8/17).

    According to Aher, this Indonesian festival exhibition should be utilized as much as possible by the business actors of West Java for marketing expansion to go international. So that business players also need to learn what the desires of business actors and consumers in Russia.

    "Opportunities in Russia are quite open, we live how to deliver products in accordance with the community in Russia," he said.

    Therefore, continued Aher, the perpetrators of West Java need to make a breakthrough and product innovation in the development of business.

    "Product innovation is very important, including price innovation so we can be competitive with other countries products," he said.

    Currently, he added, there are 29 West Java business actors involved, where 80 percent is a fashion businessman and textile and textile products (TPT). In addition there are also 5 designers are quite famous involved there.

    "Businesspeople should be good at reading opportunities, this is an opportunity to be great and be a valuable experience to open the market to the international world," he said.

    According to him it is very important, let alone West Java Provincial Government has the dream of making West Java as a world fashion product.

    "West Java must be the central product of the world especially Bandung is very famous for its fashion products. West Java Fashion must enter and control the Russian Market," he said.

    Meanwhile, Nunie Mawardi, one of the designers from West Java, said that her side really appreciates with the policy of West Java provincial government involving businessmen and designers at the exhibition event of Festival Indonesia in Moscow Russia.

    According to him it is very important to encourage business development and insight.
    "This is very valuable for us, we want to introduce West Java fashion to the international market, especially Bandung is famous for its fashion," said Nunie.

    Currently, there are five designers from West Java who are involved in the cast of Festival Indonesia. Besides himself there are four other designers, among others Wighyo Rahadi, Anggia Sari, and Astri Lestari.

    "At this Indonesian Festival we are raising the local content of West Java, weaving and batik, the work is devoted to the festival of Indonesia," she said.
    Bashkortostan Appreciation

    Previously in a separate place, Bashkortostan Republican Head Rustem Khamitov appreciated the visit of West Java delegation led by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) to Bashkortostan Russia.

    Moreover, the visits made in order to improve the economic cooperation of both parties.

    "We are very appreciative of this visit. This is the first visit conducted by the government of West Java to Bashkortostan, we hope this visit is followed up with the realization of cooperation," explained Rustem in welcoming the delegation of West Java in Dom Republiski Bashkortostan, Wednesday (2/8 / 17).

    Bashkortostan Republic has a population of about 4 million more. During this time many people active in various sectors both in the agricultural sector, oil and gas, trade and others.

    "There are many potentials that can be cooperated with West Java Indonesia," he explained.

    However, he continued, Bashkortostan Republic has excellent potential in the field of oil and gas and Petrochemicals. In addition there is also in the iron industry sector and produce a lot of mineral fertilizers are exported to a number of countries in the world.

    "Including also in the aerospace and defense fields as we produce helicopters and aircraft equipment," he said.

    In addition, he continued Bashkortostan also famous in agriculture, even milk and honey producer number 1 in Russia. "Milk and honey are here number 1, we are ready to consider for export to West Java, including wheat, flour according to halal standard Bashkortostan honey producer number 1, in Indonesia many lovers of honey and here a lot of honey plantation, usually for medicine and cosmetic. The most famous honey, even the Bashkortostan government always participates in the honey producer honey producer activity. The honey producers have 100 members in the world We are very striving 2021 in doing the forum festival," he said.

    In addition, he added, it was ready for cooperation in the field of education and transportation technology and petrochemical oil and gas. In fact it can be done with student exchange cooperation.

    "We are also very interested in the science of academic exchanges in the field of education including culture. In the year 2020 in this city will be held an international festival of art. This cultural Olympics which will be included 70 countries of the world and we invite art team West Java in big forum ," He said.

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