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    Prevent Child Violence Via Social Media


    BANDUNG-Foundation of an independent volunteer network (JaRI) will start a #AnakAman campaign on social media. To support the #Amanagement Program, there is also a series of activations to elementary schools that will directly involve students, teachers and parents.

    Fully supported by Rotary Club Bandung Utara (RCBU) and collaborate with Point Point Studio and Media Reka Citra Digital Storyteller (MRC Storyteller) will visit three elementary schools in Bandung.

    President of RCBU and former chairman of JaRI Foundation, Hanna explained since 2011, JaRI has implemented a comprehensive program of improving reproductive health both preventive, promotive, and assisting victims of violence.

    "In the year 2017, JaRI tried a new method of prevention through digital media," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (4/8/2017).

    Hanna said often experts, parents or the wider community complain about the dangers of social media for children. But JaRI, likens the medsos is a river that flows swiftly and his name is also children, must kepengen swim there.

    "In the middle of the swift information, we want to pour good information into the river, especially for parents who must play medsos," he said.

    Digital utilization, in this case social media and website aims to disseminate information on JaRi activities, provide information about reproductive health, present research results on violence to women and increase public awareness of the importance of reproductive health, both women and men.

    "Currently, inaccurate information in social media is easily accessible to children, including sexual violence, while parents are still taboo on reproductive health issues," he said.

    Therefore it adds educative, child-friendly and useful content to parents. He hopes to reduce the incidence of violence and sexual harassment.

    Editing of this content is done in conjunction with the support of MRC Digital Storyteller. In addition to MRC Storyteller, JaRI in collaboration with Point Point Studio (TTS), a creative studio based in Bandung, helped to realize the implementation of the #AnakAmanic digital campaign by creating the official website page that became the Jari Foundation's information center.

    "With the support of TTS professionals, it is expected that audiovisual content can meet the needs of the target and can achieve the campaign objectives optimally," he concluded. (MAT)

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