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    Menkominfo: Transactions Stamps Can Through Online


    BANDUNG-Minister of Communication and Informatics (Menkominfo), Rudiantara said stamps or philatelic transactions are not only done at the time of the exhibition even now done online or market place.

    "Because online is often done," he told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (3/8).

    However, the International Philatelic Exhibition held in Bandung and followed by 25 dealers of post offices both domestic and foreign countries have not ascertained the number of transactions that occurred.

    "Usually the calculation is done at the end of the activity," he said.

    Rudiantara explains the number of visitors to be one measure of the success of the International Philately Exhibition whereas for the transaction there is also supply demand.

    "For example there is our collection stamps then there are the enthusiasts but it can not lead to transactions," he said.

    He hopes the public can appreciate the existence of stamps because it contains history, diplomacy and investment. Because the history of a nation is not recorded in the book but printed in a stamp.

    "Maybe history is not written in the book but printed in the form of stamps," he said.

    Rudiantara even said of the stamp series can be written the origin of aviation in Indonesia.

    "I've seen Garuda Indonesia flight stamps in the KNIL era in the House, it's good tuh make features aired on TV," he said.

    Students can take various data from stamps in teaching and learning activities because only a few number of scholars who use data derived from stamps.

    "Our hope, especially for students can learn and obtain data from stamps," he concluded. (MAT)

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