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    Menkominfo (Ministry of Communication and Informatics) Encourages Young Generation to Love Stamps


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) encourage the younger generation to know more and love postage stamps. The reason is in a postage stamp contained several meanings such as education, history, diplomacy and investment.

    Menkominfo, Rudiantara said, with this international philately exhibition opening the way diplomacy relations between countries. Proven dozens of countries following the event held in Bandung.

    "The exhibition of this stamp can be another way of establishing diplomatic relations with other countries," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (3/8/2017)

    According to him, instead of discussing the action of radicalism it is better to discuss world peace through philately.

    "So instead of us discussing radicalism it is better to discuss the interest in any part of the world to be interested in peace efforts," he said.

    Rudiantara expressed, this activity is also a form of support for the younger generation so that they do not forget the stamps in the middle of this digitalization era.

    "This activity is to support the young generation not to forget the stamps," he told reporters in Bandung, he said

    Rudiantara assess a stamp also contains the historical value of a country's journey.

    "I've seen a stamp about flights from Garuda Indonesia in the KNIL era," he said

    Stamp diplomacy can make friendship between countries. As for the value of investment, according to Rudiantara the more ancient types of stamps the higher the price. However, unfortunately who pursue philatelic field is the average already aged 50 years and over. Yet from the investment side is very promising.

    "The return stamp is 5-10 percent in US Dollar, which is better than if we keep deposits in the bank," he said.

    Menkominfo describes the selection of international philatelist city in Bandung is because the flower city is generally inhabited by creative young generation.

    "We encourage the young generation to appreciate this stamp issue," he concluded. (MAT)

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