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    Menkominfo (Minister of communications and informatics) Makes Sure to Re-Open Telegram


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Communication and Telematics (Kemenkominfo) will reopen the blocking of Telegram during good cooperation by removing content that smells of radicalism.

    Menkominfo Rudiantara admitted, it has met with Telegram CEO, Pavel Durop who promised to remove the content of terrorism and radicalism. Kemenkominfo will make the procedure of communicating and interaction between Indonesia with Telegram.

    "The telegram will now be set up to communicate or interact with Indonesia in telegram in detail, and if it is done next week it will be opened again, it is already in adrees, Pavel said that he will clear Telegram from the content of radicalism and terrorism, "He told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (03/08/2017)

    In addition to Telegram's input, Menkominfo also sent criticism of facebook and goggle related content that smells of radicalism and terrorism. They will also remove the content.

    Rudiantara asserted, the blocking is done if not willing to cooperate well. For example, there is omission of content that endangers the public.

    "In the future how we foster communication with everything.Yesterday I also met the same facebook he said so," he said

    He hoped that in countering the content of radicalism and terrorism as well as hoax information is not only limited to the government alone but involves all levels of society including the community.

    "It can not eradicate the hoax information done by the government itself, it should be all components of its name as well as social media and its occurrence in society, so everything must move," he concluded (MAT)

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