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    Work Visit to Russia, Aher Meet the great Russian Ulema


    BASHKORTOSTAN–During a working visit (kunker) and the signing of a Letter of Intens protocol between the West Java Provincial Government and the Russian Bashkortostan Government, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) had the opportunity to visit Muslim and ulama in Russia.

    Aher was welcomed by a great Russian cleric, Sheikh Islam Mufti Talgat Safa Tajuddin with pilgrims. Warm atmosphere enveloped the friendship. Both of them exchanged peci that became typical of West Java with peci that became typical of Russia. Form of reverence, Mufti Talgat Safa Tajuddin who is the highest spiritual figure in Russia is also not hesitate to use the cap.

    Both of them then involved in a friendly conversation about the development of Islam so far in Russia.

    Aher's governor was shocked by a population of the Muslim majority about 4 million people in the Russian-majority Bashkortostan Republic.

    "It is unexpectedly for all of us, it turns out that in Bashkortostan Russia is a lot of Muslims, even the majority of Muslims reach about 85 percent.It's incredible," Aher said Wednesday (02/08/2017) local time.

    In addition, he continued, Russian Islam was spread to several other countries, such as Finland, Siberia and others. Even the development of Islam in Russia quite rapidly, it is shown by the establishment of many mosques there.

    "We are proud that Islam grew in Russia, only 300 mosques back then now 7,500 mosques," he said.

    Therefore, Aher continued, he is interested to realize cooperation with Russian Bashkortostan Government. Whether it is cooperation in the field of technology, education, agriculture, oil and gas and others.

    "We will be able to work together through student exchanges, studying Islam here and learning other things," he added.

    Meanwhile, Sheikh Islam Mufti Talgat Safa Tajuddin said, the development of Islam in Russia quite rapidly from the last 15 years. Even in each year 20-30 mosque buildings was build in Bashkortostan Russia.

    "Today there are about 7,500 mosques standing here," he said.

    During this time he continued, Muslims in Russia have very good communication with other religious followers. Even getting the attention from the government.

    "There are no obstacles from the state, even the land for the construction of the mosque was facilitated by the government, not only that, Islamic education was included in the school curriculum at the elementary level," he concluded.

    Related to friendship that was conducted, Mufti Talgat Safa Tajuddin also greatly appreciate the attitude of Aher who do friendship with him. According to him it is extraordinary because Aher is the first official of West Java Indonesia to conduct friendship to Russia.

    "Alhamdulillah, hopefully there will be our future cooperation with the Government of Indonesia," said Mufti.

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