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    Aher: Let’s Get to Work to Reach the Progress


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that Muslims must work harder for the advancement of Muslims.

    It thus was delivered by Aher, while giving a speech in the Muhasabah (self-evaluation) to the New Year 2016 on Thursday (31/12) at Pusdai Mosque, Bandung.

    Muslims currently reaches of 22% of the total world population. Christianity, which combined with Catholics amounted of 33%. But next in 2050, Muslims will be equal in number to the Christian community in terms of both quantity and quality. "Therefore, Muslims must be hard-working and moving steadily toward a progress,” he said.

    Aher hoped that one day Muslims will become a world leader, and we hope that Indonesia as the biggest Muslim world's population, became the leader of the world.

    We can start from 2016 by making it as resurrection year. 2016 is the year of optimism to implement our great plans, as well as our plan to build a magnificent and large mosque in Gede Bage. “Build up a stadium need a similar cost as build a mosque,” said Aher.

    Muhasabah itself was conducted at the end of masehi year, but in Hijriyah was not. Aher answered that it should be asked to the proponent of Muhasabah (Republika Newspaper). Therefore, Aher appealed to Republika that later in Islamic New Year (Muharram) should be also conducted the muhasabah activities like this,” said Aher.

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