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    Visit to Russia, Governor Offer Investment Opportunity in Three Top of West Java


    BASHKORTOSTAN–West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) leads the delegation of West Java Provincial Government on a work trip to Russia to meet the invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Moscow, Russia which will hold the 2nd Indonesia Festival (FI) on 4-6 August 2017 in Moscow, Russia. The invitation to participate was conveyed directly by the Deputy Chief Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to Russia in Moscow, Russia, Lasro Simbolon to the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan. The meeting took place at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, the city of Bandung, Monday (15/05/2017).

    In addition, Aher will presented about investment opportunities at West Java International Airport (BIJB) and Aerocity, Legok Nangka Final Disposal Service (TPA), Water Supply System in Metropolitan Cirebon Raya in front of Indonesia-Russia Business Forum 2017.

    The 2nd Indonesia Festival itself was held as an effort to promote Trade, Tourism, and Investment (TTI), as well as Indonesian social culture in Russia. FI this time raised Theme: "Visit Wonderful Indonesia: Enjoy It's Diversity". This festival as a follow-up of the success of the first FI held at Hermitage Garden, Moscow on 20-21 August 2016. FI First managed to siphon visitors as much as 68 297 people.

    Depart from Indonesia on Monday (31/7/2017) night, Aher and entourage scheduled to meet with Head of Bashkortostan Republic, Mr. Rustem Khamitov and signed the 'protocol of intent' of sister provincial cooperation between West Java and Bashkortostan Republic on Tuesday (08/01/2017) at 10.00 local time.

    Head of Government and Cooperation Bureau, Taufik Budi Santoso when contacted by PR West Java said this is a very historic momentum for West Java Province because this is the first 'protocol of intent' West Java Governor signature with the country in the Eastern Europe region. "The areas of cooperation that are the focus of cooperation are tourism, trade and investment that is expected to be improved from both regions.

    Taufiq said, the next field that became the focus of cooperation namely the field of higher education. Bashkortostan has a university that specializes in petroleum engineering namely UfaState Petroleum Technological University, while West Java also has the Bandung Institute Technology (ITB) which is the best in Indonesia in the same field. "This cooperation will be encouraged in double degree programs and joint lecture.

    While in the health sector, according to Taufiq, will be proposed technology transfer cooperation in improving medical services for the people of West Java and of course will be very open to explore other potential areas.

    The seven-day working visit in Russia will also be used for meetings with the Chief Mufti of Russia, Mr. Talgat Tadzhuddin, Alekseevsky Agricultural Company.

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