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    The Reported Imported Cattle Seller Can Submit Cassation


    BANDUNG-The decision of the Central Jakarta District Court Judge led by Baslin Sinaga is known to strengthen the decision of KPPU Number 10 / KPPU-I / 2015. The main thing is the alleged practice of cartel in Imported Cattle Trade in Jabodetabek 2013-2015.

    The Director of Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), Gopprera Panggabean, said that the 32 parties are legally and convincingly proven violating Article 11 and Article 19 letter c of Law Number 5 Year 1999 concerning Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair Business Competition.

    "The reported were fined 106.86 billion rupiah," Gopprera said in an official statement received in Bandung on Thursday (03/08/2017).

    He added that the reported parties still have the right to make legal remedies in the form of cassation if they object to the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court Judge.

    However, if the reported receives the verdict, he is urged to immediately perform the obligation to pay anti-business fines penalty. Equally important, the case is expected to be a lesson in order not to repeat similar actions.

    "After the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court, the reporting parties are expected to implement the KPPU decision, but if there is still an objection, the law provides an opportunity to take a cassation appeal in the Supreme Court," he said.

    Based on KPPU data, 32 companies involved in the practice of imported cattle cartel are PT Andini Karya Makmur, PT Andini Persada Sejahtera, PT Agro Giri Perkasa, PT Agrisatwa Jaya Kencana, PT Andini Agro Loka, PT Austasia Stockfeed, PT Bina Mentari Tunggal, PT Citra Agro Buana Semesta, PT Elders Indonesia, PT Fortuna Megah Perkasa, Great Giant Livestock, PT Lembu Jantan Perkasa, PT Legok Makmur Lestari and PT Lemang Mesuji Lestary.

    Then, PT Pasir Tengah, PT Rumpinary Agro Industry, PT Santosa Agrindo, PT Sadajiwa Niaga Indonesia, PT Septia Anugerah, PT Tanjung Unggul Mandiri, PT Widodo Makmur Perkasa, PT Kariyana Gita Utama, PT Sukses Ganda Lestari, PT Nusantara Tropical Farm, PT Karya Anugerah Rumpin, PT Sumber Cipta Kencana, PT Brahman Perkasa Sentosa, PT Catur Mitra Taruma, PT Kadila Lestari Jaya, CV Mitra Agro Sangkuriang, CV Partners Agro Sampurna and PT Karunia Alam Sentosa Abadi.

    According to him, in the process of examination of cases that started from the KPPU's initiative, it was found facts about the agreement facilitated by the Indonesian Association of Meat and Feedloter Producers (APFINDO).

    "They are conducting a series of meetings that ultimately show the similarity of action and rescheduling sales that are categorized as containment of imported beef cattle in Jabodetabek area, causing an unfair price increase that is detrimental to the public interest," he said.

    In the trial also revealed that the act of containment of supply carried out the reporters uniformly. The trick is not to realize the amount of cattle import quota that has been set by the government. In the first decision by KPPU, only 2 companies paid the fine.

    "The two companies, PT Agro Giri Perkasa and PT Karya Anugerah Rumpin, each pay 4.05 billion rupiah and 194.96 million rupiah," he concluded.

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