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    Syarkawi: Let's Make Healthy Business Competition in Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Panel of judges of Central Jakarta District Court rejected the entire objection petition as well as to strengthen the decision of the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) related to the imported beef cattle trade cartel. There are 32 companies involved in the anti-business practices.

    A total of 30 companies filed an objection that was eventually rejected. The other two companies have paid anti-business fines penalties.

    Head of KPPU, Syarkawi Rauf appreciate the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court Judge to strengthen the punishment for dozens of companies over the practice of the cattle cartel.

    According to him, the decision provides legal certainty related to fair business competition in Indonesia.

    "It also gives a sense of justice for people who bear the high price of beef because the practice of cartel," said Syarkawi, in his official statement in Bandung, Thursday (3/8/2017).

    Syarkawi said the case could be a valuable lesson for all parties to improve the healthier import cattle trade mechanism. He stressed the cartel's practice should be ended because it only harms the public.

    "Stop the cartel and let the stakeholders together encourage the creation of fair efficiency in the trade of imported cattle, not just for business actor but fair for the community," he concluded.

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