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    World Philately Exhibition, Prestigious Event


    BANDUNG-Bandung , West Java Province, hosted the 'World Stamp Exhibition 2017', or World Philatelic Exhibition ', which was held Aug. 3-7. This is the second time after 21 years since World Youth Philately Exhibition in 1996.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said this is a very profound pride for West Java, "Because after 21 years since the World Youth Philately Exhibition in 1996, for the second time this year Bandung West Java got another chance and honor as the event host for Largest international philately community, "he said at the Trans Studio Convention Center Bandung, Thursday (03/08/2017).

    World Philately Exhibition Bandung 2017 is certainly a prestigious event eagerly awaited by the world philatelists. The event was attended by 370 stamp collectors, from 60 member states of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie, as well as other special invites, with 455 exhibitions, consisting a number of themes such as; Traditionalstory, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic, Youth, One Frame Exhibit, Modern, and Literature, with the best post collection items on display in 1937 frames.

    Along with the theme of 'Bridge to a Peaceful World Through Stamps', Deddy Mizwar considers the theme to have very important meaning and relevant to the current world conditions that are fragile because of the friction between Nations, so all citizens in the world, including philatelists, need to participate actively in enhancing the sense of friendship among nations as one of the share to create world peace.

    This exhibition also coincides with the momentum of the 72nd Anniversary of Indonesia anniversary, the 72nd Anniversary of West Java Province, and the 207th Anniversary of Bandung, so that the implementation of this world-class exhibition at once also boast Indonesia, and West Java especially.

    "On the other hand, we also know that along with the continuous development of digital communication technology, philatelic hobby among the younger generation tend to decrease, not least in West Java.Therefore, the presence of this world exhibition is very strategic to re-develop Philatelic hobby, especially among young people of Indonesia, "said Deddy.

    Deddy think, the desire to collect and assemble postage stamps and other items, not just a hobby, but also full of positive aspects that can be explored and developed, among others, as the chain of communication technology development in the world, ranging from the very Simple to the latest.

    "It means that philatelic as one of the oldest hobbies in the world can survive, because philatelic not only concerns the scarcity and uniqueness of a postal object but also its historical value, and this is what causes a postal object to have a fantastic price," he said.

    Not just that, he states that the hobby of philately can also be a means of education, because through philatelic one can know the world's leaders and explore the past, though may not live in his day.

    At the same time, philately is a hobby that can have a constructive impact on the tourism sector. This is because through postage or postal items published, can be promoted cultural arts wealth, ancient sites or natural wonders that exist in a place, thus encouraging the desire of the philatelists to visit.

    Therefore, West Java Provincial Government fully supports the efforts of PT. Pos Indonesia, to continue to publish special edition stamps that promote the diversity of art and culture of Indonesia's natural beauty.

    Specifically, Deddy also hopes that PT. Pos Indonesia can encourage the echo of Taman Bumi Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu, which is currently under review, to be designated as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network.

    Chairman of the Indonesian Philatelists Association (PFI), R Soeyono, said that previous philatelic events have also been held, but in Asia Pasific scale, specifically in West Java, this event was upgraded to a world scale.

    "Every collection of philatelic, should be arranged in such a way that each chapter with the storyline becomes an essay, so in its report there is an opening, content, and closing," he said.

    Furthermore, Soeyono hoped that the world-wide Philately Exhibition held in this country could further popularize philatelic hobby among young Indonesians.

    "We want philately among young people to be more popular because now among young people philatelists is almost an extinct hobby," he said.

    However, he believes the hobby of collecting and assembling postage stamps will not go extinct because there are still a number of parties who support the philately full of world organizations.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara, assesses the philosophy of hobby is worth the investment. As objects of high value of this history, often hunted collectors from various corners of the world who are ready to spend deep to collect philatelic objects, especially stamps.

    "Even today there is a stamp of Indonesia that worth a very high, which is Rp 20 billion, extraordinary," he added.

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