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    Leny: Forms Children Forum To Sub-District


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Female Empowerment and Child Protection expects each region to form a Children's Forum up to the Sub-district level. This was stated by Deputy of Children Growth Minister of Female Empowerment and Child Protection, Leny Nurhayanti.

    According to Leny, the establishment of Children's Forum is needed as one way to avoid or reduce the occurrence of bullying cases that commonly occurs among children.

    "Children Forum, children will be given the role as a pioneer and a reporter," said Leny, to www.jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (2/8).

    Leny stated that as pioneers these children will become pioneers in the prevention of violence against children and as a reporter they must report to the authorities if they find any bullying act.

    "We make the mechanism and these children are trained and provided materials that are easily understood by children, such as through animation, cartoons to games," she said.

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