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    Thousands of Gifted Computer Experts Compete for Bukalapak Scholarship


    BANDUNG-Thousands of Computer Science students from universities across Indonesia enrolled in the BukaBeasiswa program held by Bukalapak.

    Vice President of Engineering Bukalapak, Ibrahim Arief, said this program is a manifestation of Bukalapak's contribution to support talented students who have good potential in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Through Open Students, selected participants will receive tuition fees as determined by the educational institution, as well as allowance during one year of study.

    "This BukaBeasiswa Program was first organized by Bukalapak in 2016, and managed to capture as many as 8 selected students. This year thousands of students re-register to get BukaBeasiswa program," said Ibrahim in his official statement in Bandung, Wednesday (02/08/2017 ).

    This BukaBeasiswa program is intended for all students in Indonesia with majors in Informatics, Information Systems, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and majors that study programming. Based on the selection and verification team, 14 undergraduate students are selected to qualify for the final stage," he said.

    The 14 finalists are undergoing final selection by Bukalapak on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.

    "For BukaBeasiswa this year, Bukalapak does not limit the quota to receive scholarships, but at this stage of selection of 14 finalists who follow the final stage, selected as many as 7 finalists who received BukaBeasiswa," he explained.

    Ibrahim Arief added, BukaBuasiswa become a means of talent competition for students of Computer field. It does not only really test their skills in programming, but also in terms of software analysis and design.

    "We hope that with this program, students will be more eager to continue to excel, and use their skills and knowledge to advance Indonesia and themselves, so it becomes a pride for the nation and the country," he concluded. (MAT)

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