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    Vice Governor: The Change Should be Started by Government


    BANDUNG-A lot of hopes to be achieved by every human being in this world in 2016, including the Vice Governor of West Java Province.

    As a person who has been 2 years involved in government, many good expectations want to be reached for the region and government he leads. Deddy Mizwar said, the new year should be a moment for us to always be grateful for what we has achieved.

    In terms of government, Vice Governor also wanted a change in all areas, such as combating corruption and law enforcement, the budget system, including performance and government officials in Indonesia.

    "I hope people can still be happy, with still learning in this new year," said Vice Governor when met on the sidelines of Muhasabah End Year at mosque Pusdai, Bandung, on Thursday night (31/12).

    "The change should be started by the government itself. Do not expect a change of society. We often expect others to change, but the changing should be started from ourselves then we will see the others change," said Vice Governor.

    On this occasion, Vice Governor also had expressed about the lack of budget absorption that often occurred annually. According to him, many things can cause it to happen, such as Law No. 23 of 2014 on Regional Government and Law No. 30 of 2014 on Government Administration which makes government officials have fear to realise various development programs.

    "The lack of budget absorption because of the law itself. It’s large influential where the budget absorption was just 87 percent," said Vice Governor.

    Vice Governor also wanted in the new year, there is certainty and legal protection for government officials, so there is no doubt to undertake development projects for the community.

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