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    IKM Fish Processing Develop The Local Potential


    BANDUNG-Small Medium Industry (IKM) of fish processing has been developing in several area in West Java. At Cihampelas District, West Bandung, this IKM is developing local potential. This statement was said by the owner of IKM Scarindo, Neneng Ummu Kulsum to jabarprov.go.id.

    Neneng revealed that IKM Scarindo start develop this business since 2004. The product that produced is dried fish, petekpetek fish, crunchy shrimp, import chips, and parry fish.

    The kind of this fish was get from several local potency, such as from Jatiluhur reservoir. “If we lack of fish we can take from the nearby KBB in Cianjur area,” she said.

    The dried fish product had success break through in some province, such as Makassar and Jakarta. The labour that we need to operate this business is 25 peoples. It has not counted with the amount of labour who send the fish from Jatiluhur.



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