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    The Increase of Salt Price Not Influence Inflation


    BANDUNG-The last two weeks the price of salt has surged and uncertain. This is due to production reasons that have decreased while the import of salt has not been done. But apparently the increase in salt price is not too influential on inflation, including in West Java.

    West Java Head of Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), Dody Herlando said despite a sharp rise but salt is not the main commodity needed by the community.

    "Salt and rice is different , if rice rises this will be a driver of inflation, not salt," he said on Tuesday (1/8).

    According to him, there are 550 needs goods surveyed, but salt although the natural increase does not include those that contribute to inflation. But according to him it needs to be wary because salt is needed by the industry.

    Like the textile industry that many found in West Java and also make salted fish. If salt prices continue to rise, then there will be additional costs to make salted fish or textile production, which in the future will have an impact on the price increase of the product. Jo

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