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    Ineu: Football Supporters Must Get Along


    BANDUNG-Chairman of West Java Parliament, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari appealed that football fans should end the conflict, especially the dispute between bobotoh Persib with The Jakmania, supporters Persija Jakarta. The reason, due to the prolonged conflict trigger many victims. Finally hit bobotoh Persib, Rycko Andrean.

    "Concerned with the incident happened, I hope it does not happen anymore because when the game I say that all is the brothers in the big family, so the supporters must get along," he told reporters at West Java Parliament Building, Bandung, Tuesday (1/8/2017).

    He considered the supporters is one part of the family who must promote togetherness and kinship can avoid fights between football fans.

    "The incident yesterday, I hope to promote brotherhood and increase kinship can avoid similar events," he explained.

    Regarding the peaceful appeal between the two strongholds of fanatic football fans in Indonesia, Ineu revealed bobotoh to come to Jakarta to meet with The Jak discuss the peace to be more real. Moreover, this arrival does not hurt as a return visit after the frontman of The Jak, Ferry Indra Sjarief visited Bandung when visiting Rycko Andrean at the hospital.

    "It must be done together to stop this conflict, because when there is a match they have to be sportive in supporting their favorite teams, I think the peaceful invitation is not wrong because they also visited Rycko victim," he said.

    According to Ineu, supporters of both soccer teams are equally children of the nation so it is not appropriate there is a dispute between the two.

    "We are one family member that must promote togetherness and brotherhood," he said.

    In addition, he appealed to supporters to maintain order and togetherness so that the incident does not happen again.

    "They can come directly to stay in touch with peaceful purposes, and if peace between the two camps is agreed then they will be a sportsman, and in the future there will be many matches to be played," he said.

    As what we known, Rycko died after being victimized by a rogue target bobotoh on Saturday (22/07/2017).

    "There is a desire to unite togetherness so that no events like yesterday happened at GBLA Stadium Bandung," he concluded. (MAT)

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