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    West Java Inflation in July 2017 Under the National, 0.01%


    BANDUNG-Head of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) Dody Herlando said, information about inflation data is very strategic for use by many parties related to business plan. If inflation is under control it will be a positive value for potential investors.

    In West Java itself, according to Dody, inflation in July 2017 is still very controlled. July 2017 inflation reached 0.01% while the national 0.02%.

    From the seven cities surveyed, four cities experienced inflation. The highest inflation was in Cirebon City which reached 0.94%, while three cities experienced deflation, where the highest was in Bandung, which was -0.27%.

    "This inflation is very controlled, meaning the government in West Java regency, managed to control the price after the Lebaran season," he said.

    BPS noted that the increase in commodity prices that occurred quite controlled even the most down price. The rises include cooking oil, chicken eggs and cucumber. That also the increase is still below 0.03%, he concluded. Jo

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