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    Wayang Golek, Spectacle and Guidance Art


    BANDUNG – Wayang Golek Art is not just entertainment, but it fosters a deep love and fosters a sense of pride in the local arts. Moreover, Wayang Golek is an asset of regional cultural arts that must be preserved. Wayang Golek also one of the typical that makes West Java is known in all corners of the national, to international.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, puppet show also contains entertainment, or spectacle as well as guidance that devotes the virtues that need to be practiced, and the value of evil that must be resisted.

    "In order for the culture to be preserved properly, the performance of art should be held, such as the puppet show performance," he said while attending the Wayang Golek show titled 'Lestari Budaya Nusantara Indonesia', in the Parking Area of UPI Bandung Campus, Saturday (29/07/2017) night.

    Governor Aher also said that Wayang Golek is a unique kind of art-culture featuring many characters, long story, played with one puppeteer.

    "Wayang Golek, the most popular, the more exciting the night, not to mention when the character Si Cepot appeared," he said.

    3rd RI President H. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie stated that culture is a unifying nation. The process of culture, in an integrated productivity produces as well as sharpening creativity.

    So with the background, Habibie explained that culture has an important role in building a superior human resources in building a character of Indonesia.

    "Culture becomes a nation character that is not only seen from the understanding of science and technology, but also its character," said Habibie.

    Not only to preserve, but art-culture is also a means of education, to pervasive every value and original character of the Indonesian nation

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