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    2028, West Java Targeted Provincial Worthy Provinces


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java declares Provincial Eligible Children in 2028. The target exceeds the national target to be achieved in 2030.

    "So if Indonesia is worthy of children in 2030 then West Java should first reach its target to reach the minimum of two years to the previous. Therefore, West Java proclaimed in 2028 as a province worthy of children," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan when opening the event Peak Day 24th National Family and National Children's Day West Java Provincial Level 2017 at SOR Arcamanik, Bandung, Sunday (07/30/2017)

    "God willing we are targeting the year 2028 has entered the province worthy of the first child than the national target," he added

    Heryawan said, districts / cities in the West Java region that has a child worthy predicate has increased. In 2015 there are six districts / cities while in 2017 to 15 districts / cities.

    "West Java as a province worthy of the children.In 2015 the city worthy of the new child six sedangankan 2017 in Palembang we increased to 15 districts / cities worthy of children in West Java," he said.

    West Java provincial government also targets the growth of districts / cities worthy of children into 20 areas. Higher than the national target of only 15 districts / cities.

    "If the national level is 15 then we and the district towards decent children targeted at the provincial level to 20 districts / cities," he said.

    Aher greeting Governor of West Java explained from 15 districts / cities at the new national level 13 and two have class Nindya to the main class.

    "The two se-Indonesua is Solo and Denpasar," he added.

    Aher also appealed to West Java to be left behind by Solo and Denpasar. West Java provincial government targets in 2018 to 15 districts / cities increased to the main class.

    "Two of which are contrived to the Main is the City of Depok and Kabupaten Bogor.Of course we propose the two areas and hopefully headed to the city deserves the main level of children following Solo and Denpasar.Eell eleh (do not lose-ed) We are insha Allah more powerful," He said.

    Therefore, Aher continued, the children's decent districts can be maintained with various performance. West Java provincial government was optimistic in 2028 to become a province worthy of children.

    "Insya Alloh we are optimistic that 2028 become a province worthy of children, West Java should be more duku from national," he said.

    This is not impossible given the electrification of electricity into households, the central government proclaimed 2015 to 84 percent. While Jabar in 2016 has 97 percent. Whereas the national target in 2018 reached 84 percent.

    "Alhamdulillah Jabar first reached electrification of about 97 in 2016 percent," he concluded. (MAT)

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