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    FASI 2017, Best West Java Kafilah Network to National Performance


    SUMEDANG-A total of 844 caravans from 23 cities and regencies of West Java following the Festival of Indonesian Saleh Children (FASI) in 2017 West Java Province level which this time held in Sumedang District July 28 until August 6, 2017.

    The opening of FASI 2017 was inaugurated by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar accompanied by Regent Sumedang Eka Setiawan at Sumedang District Square, Friday (28/07/2017).

    Vice Governor of Demiz said, in addition to printing the Quranic generation, FASI 2017 Jabar whose participants come from representatives of islamic school students of Taman Pendidikan Alquran (TPA) is also used as the arena to capture the best caravan Jabar to follow FASI 2017 national level will be held in Banjarmasin on 13 - 16 September.

    "My hope Jabar be the overall champion at the national level later because it displays the best to be an ambassador Jabar," he said. West Java last won the national level FASI that is in 2002 then.

    Demiz revealed, this three-year agenda, is a vehicle for the development of interest, talent and creativity of the santri in the field of Qur'an and syiar Islam. "It is also at the same time a gathering of friendship to strengthen ukhuwah Islamiah among santri as West Java," he said.

    The importance and strategic of religious learning especially through various festivals among children and adolescents today, the existence of Kindergarten (TKA) and Taman Pendidikan Alquran (TPA) should be strengthened especially concerning curriculum facilities and infrastructure as well as qualifications and welfare Teaching staff.

    "This is important because the TKA / TPA is actually an educational gateway for an early age where children are beginning to be introduced to the foundations of faith, scholarship and ahlak the qurani," said Demiz.

    He hopes that through religious education at an early age is expected to form students or students who have the foundation of faith and piety, the character that has good characters (akhlakul karimah) become a generation that can bring the widest benefit for people, religion, society, nation and state.

    Chairman of the Board of Communications Youth Youth Mosque Indonesia (BKPRMI) Jabar as the organizer, Yeyen Munawar said, FASI 2017 Jabar is a series of routine activities in BKPRMI start level twig, village, district, city and province. The total number of participants is 844 people, officials 209 people, assistant builder 800 people, and 8000 cheerleaders, concentrated in the complex of Islam center Sumedang.

    "They will follow 42 branches of competition for TKA, TPA and TQA levels," Munawar said. In the festival will be contested 5 categories of race materials. Namely murattal competitions, recitations, intelligent meticulous, speech, nasyid, coloring, drawing and calligraphy and tarzimlakbiyah race. "We hope the children can master the understanding of the Qur'an not only read well and correctly understand the content contained in the Qur'an," he concluded.

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